Phoenix Food People has three goals:

  1. Make some cool products that help drive people to the places we like.
  2. Support Phoenix's food scene (priority 1) and creative communities (priority 2). This is done through raising money for the people running and working at the food establishments we collaborate with, giving a share of the revenue to the artists designing the products, and using local companies (when possible) to facilitate production.
  3. Turn this into something economically sustainable so we can do more, create more, and bring on people with ideas bigger than ours.

How are you distributing the money?

Because small businesses aren't registered charities, we had to get a little creative. Our strategy is to create products that leverage brand recognition for shirt sales, so the path forward is to pay a handsome $10 per shirt licensing fee for the right to use the brand names of the places we're collaborating with.

Yes, we're bad businesspeople, and no, our profit margin for each shirt will be essentially nothing. We're lucky enough to have recession-resistant careers... we'll be fine. Our goal here is to make sure everyone else is, too.

Who are you?

We're Chris Hall and Kevin Layshock, founders of Better Better Studio, a UX/branding studio that needs a thriving Phoenix food scene to survive (both for sustenance and clientele). Our current clients include some local favorites such as Provision and Gadzooks, and we're always open to take on new and exciting projects.

But this isn't primarily a marketing initiative—it started as a conversation between us and Chef Jeff Kraus of Crêpe Bar to do something cool in the valley. To—as he puts it—create a bridge. If we can pull this thing together, help our favorite places to eat and drink make it through COVID-19, and see PFP-collaboration shirts floating around the valley, we'll be happy campers.

Just shirts?

For now.

The goal is to collaborate with artists and makers who share a likeminded ambition with our friends in the hospitality industry, and explore new ways and avenues for you to buy cool things that support them.

Eventually, the plan gets more ambitious, and we begin to help build some infrastructure for an industry who went all the way until early March 2020 without much of one. Shirts can pave the road towards something more.

What's your refund policy?

There may come a day when we can afford to stock shelves with pre-made goods, but right now we're a bootstrapped operation designed to get as much money back to the food places we love as possible. So after a pre-order is over, we print exactly what was ordered, with no good way to process a return or resell a product. For now, all sales are final, an exception being if a product arrives damaged. If you do receive damaged goods—hopefully this will never happen—please send us an email and we'll follow up with next steps.

Chris Gruebele
Executive Chef / Owner, Verdura plant based eatery
Eugenia L. Tai
1/2 owner of Pair Cupworks
Unheard Harmony
Photographer / Motion Graphic Artist
Graphic artist
Strange Magic Apparel & Co.
Local AZ Streetwear Brand
Graphic Designer
Mark Johnston
Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Artist, Co-Owner of Prickly Pear Paper
Josh Lanphear
Designer and Illustrator, Phearhead
Scott Biersack
Freelance Lettering Artist, Type & Graphic Designer
Chris Hall
Phoenix Food Person
Quinn Murphy
Illustrator and Owner, Hamster Labs
Jon Garza
Illustrator, artist
Jason Anthony
Tattoo artist and co-owner, Golden Rule Tattoo
Kevin Layshock
Illustrator and designer, Better Better Studio
Clay Halling
Illustrator and Graphic Artist

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