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These shirts will be printed on unisex Next Level tees in a crisp white poly-cotton blend. There's a rumor going around that these shirts last roughly 87 years before showing wear, but we can't confirm the validity of the claim.
$ 25.00 
$ 25.00 
$ 25.00 

In a past life, Kevin and I cut our teeth at an ad agency right down the street from where Deez Buns is now. It's your standard office/restaurant plaza situation—nothing special, almost by design. If only I could go back for a week, just to end a buttoned-up client meeting with "Welp, I'm pooped. Anyone want a Longsilog from Deez Buns?" (And yeah, I might drag it out and say "Deeeeeeeeez Buns," because life is short.) When the day comes and Deez Buns returns to grace us with more burgers, if you haven't been yet, I strongly recommend bringing a friend and splitting an order of all the buns at once. You might not be able to finish, but you'll definitely leave happy. And you'll almost certainly be back for more.

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This product is currently for sale as a pre-order, which means we haven't quite made them yet. We'll keep in touch with information about the pre-order, as well as when you should expect it to ship (generally about two weeks after the pre-order launches). If you have any questions before / during / after the pre-order, or you need to change a size you've ordered (that's an easy fix), just let us know, and we'll get back to you!

This product is no longer for sale as a pre-order, which means we made them, they’ve sold, and we’re on to the next one. But don’t lose hope, for all is not lost, friend! You can request we resurrect this product and bring it around for another batch. We’ll tally up the requests, and when the time comes and there’s reasonable interest, we’ll reach out and give you a heads up.

This product is coming soon! We’re getting some things in order, and giving the artist some time to adjust any details. We can let you know when it’s available — leave us your email address, and we’ll give you a heads up when the pre-order starts!

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Josh Lanphear

Designer and Illustrator, Phearhead

Designer specializing in commercial / marketing design, apparel, and motion graphics. Video Games, Kaiju, Japanese Cars, Whiskey, and Graffiti are his jams.