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x Fire and Brimstone

This shirt will be printed on a unisex Next Level ringspun cotton tee, which should stand the test of time unless you find yourself stranded on an island with literally no other clothes.
$ 25.00 
$ 25.00 
$ 25.00 

Not so long ago, Liberty Market was basically the only spot in town for a good date night out. And there was James Johnston working the pizza oven. For years. We were sad when he left, but thrilled when he opened Fire and Brimstone in Barnone not long after—a funky BYO pizza shop that pairs so well with the beer and wine from 12 West and Garage East in the same complex. It's just one of those perfect neighborhood spots that makes any place feel whole (not that Agritopia needs too much help feeling like a great place to live).

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This product is currently for sale as a pre-order, which means we haven't quite made them yet. We'll keep in touch with information about the pre-order, as well as when you should expect it to ship (generally about two weeks after the pre-order launches). If you have any questions before / during / after the pre-order, or you need to change a size you've ordered (that's an easy fix), just let us know, and we'll get back to you!

Okay, here's the important content: this ridiculously delicious coffee is prepped in small batches, which means we have the flexibility to ship it to you only a few days after it's been roasted. We'll be shipping these out every Monday, with a cutoff time of 1pm MST the Sunday prior.

** If you purchase coffee and shirt(s), we'll assume you want them in a single shipment, and your coffee will ship with your shirt(s) after the current pre-order window has closed. Every order has one matching shipment, so if you need your coffee delivered sooner, please place a separate order, and it will be sent the following Monday. If you need your coffee pronto (we wouldn't blame you), this coffee will be available daily in-person at Pair Cupworks in Mesa, AZ.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

This product is no longer for sale as a pre-order, which means we made them, they’ve sold, and we’re on to the next one. But don’t lose hope, for all is not lost, friend! You can request we resurrect this product and bring it around for another batch. We’ll tally up the requests, and when the time comes and there’s reasonable interest, we’ll reach out and give you a heads up.

This product is coming soon! We’re getting some things in order, and giving the artist some time to adjust any details. We can let you know when it’s available — leave us your email address, and we’ll give you a heads up when the pre-order starts!

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Jon Garza

Illustrator, artist

EL GARZA is a fellow food lover, a family man, a teacher, and pays homage to his roots wherever possible. Ask him about Thomas the Tank Engine dubs, 90s NBA zines, or his career teaching design. He's got stories for days.